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ALT Forged

PL10T Forged

PL10T Forged

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Features and further details

The PL10T are a high-quality automotive upgrade that combines sleek design with superior luxury. These wheels feature a striking multi-spoke True Directional pattern that adds a modern, platinum look to any luxury vehicle. Crafted from premium-grade aluminum alloy using state-of-the-art forging technology, the PL10T wheels are stronger and more durable than traditional cast or Flow Forged wheels...

Perfect addition for any Mercedes S-class, Range Rover, BMW 7-Series, Rolls Royce. 

Designed to be best of Performance and Style

  • Clearance for majority of Big Brake Kits on the market
  • Lightweight in every way possible
  • Maximum Concavity in every profile
  • Stock TPMS are transferable / Compatible
  • Built time 6-7 weeks

Available in:

20" x 8J - 13J 

21" x 8J - 13J  

22" x 8J - 12.5J 

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